Diamond Miner

Currently Not Available Due to update prolems. Hope to Get it back online soon.

Diamond Miner, One the most advance addictive game you ever played before ?

Diamond Miner, One the most advance addictive game you ever played before ?

One the best Dimond Masher/Crush type game where you have utilise your mind mapping, brain power, focus techniques, logical techniques to eliminate. Diamond Miner some sort of magical type game lot of twist , challenges, powers, power ups, super power and lot more hidden and blasting features make this game more attractive and interesting.

Diamond Miner: The idea behind this game is match three or more same colours Diamond to eliminate. There is no boundary you can match any where any position (horizontally or vertical) to destroy fast enough. The game also show you hints to destroy fast enough you just have follow them and clear the level fast enough in given time period.

This game is lot more then candy game , name is fame but once you tried you gone realise the importance and significant of this beautiful game.

Are you ready to play Diamond Miner fully free game on store ?

Download Diamond Miner and enjoy!

How to Play:
◉ Swipe Diamond to up, down, left, right
◉ Match 3 same colours/type Diamonds to destroy
◉ Match Horizontally/Vertically

Game Features:
◉ Simple Control.
◉ Addictive Graphics
◉ Cool Sound
◉ Totally Free
◉ Candy Matching Techniques
◉ Jewels Sega Mina

Enjoy the game and go far as maximum as you can and set a new high score.

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Available Free On Android. Needs Update