Divoom DITOO PLUS Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

DITOO PLUS Bluetooth pixel bluetooth speaker is a retro small computer design, with color indicator light computer keyboard control buttons, 256 LED image design and various smart functions.

The design of DITOO PLUS has a strong retro style. The retro-style appearance is a tribute to the innocent age of the post-80s.

Color display lamp computer keyboard control button

Personalized pixel animation can be designed with 256 (16 x 16) pixels through a dedicated APP

Equipped with 10W full-range speakers, 360º stereo surround sound field

Mechanical keyboard added arcade game joystick

Display functions such as daily time, temperature, date and real-time weather

Receive notifications about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line

Alarm clock

Built-in classic games: Tetris, Snake, Racing, Slot Machine and Pinball

Connect to the mobile app to use multiple smart functions

Support iOS and Android systems

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