Roulette Pattern Finder, for Outside Bets

Tool for identifying patterns forming in the outside bets of the roulette table. Not a Game, more of a Betting Assistant.

The Roulette Pattern Finder is a simple app to help you identify patterns in the outside bets of the roulette table. You can easily see patterns forming and depending on your betting style you can bet with, or against the pattern.

There are many advanced Roulette Analyzers Apps online but the Roulette Pattern Finder is designed for simplicity. You can very quickly see any patterns forming without over complicating things as other calculators and predictors do. This is important, considering time limits in between spins. The Roulette Pattern Finder allows you to quickly see patterns and still have the time to place your bets.

The Roulette Pattern Finder can be used well with martingale strategies for identifying an entry point. But you should research and understand this risks of martingale strategies before using that method. You should know your casino’s minimum and maximum outside bets, and calculate how much your account balance can handle. Remember, every spin of the roulette table does not remember the previous spin and does not care about the last 5, 10, or a 1000 spins. So there is never a guarantee, and the Roulette Pattern Finder makes makes no claim to have a winning strategy , it is simply a tool to use with your current strategy.

Note that some Casinos will not allow the use of mobile phones around their tables.

Also note that the app uses a standard table layout used by most casinos and online tables. I have noticed that some apps have an incorrect table layout that produces the wrong colors on some numbers. French, American, and European roulette wheels all use the the same table layout, it is only some apps that have it wrong. To be sure you can check that your Casino App has the correct colors for each number. When you click on the New Spin button in this App the table layout will be shown for you to select a number. Compare this layout to your Casino App Layout.

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