Smashed – Glass Smashing Simulator

Smash some Glass for Fun.

Break the glass to relieve your tension, then relax to the sound of smashing glass. Or turn the sound down if you don’t like it and just enjoy the pretty colors.

Slider 1 – Background Color
Slider 2 – Shard Color
Slider 3 – Bounce Speed
Slider 4 – Volume
The color sliders both have auto color change buttons underneath them.
Under those is a Reset button that will reset the game back to 10 Shards.
To the right of the reset button is the Spawn Extra Shards button.

There is a Shard limit of 240 to prevent your device from freezing up completely. If your device struggles with this please let know your device type so I can make informed adjustments to the game in the future.

Available On Android

Free Version, and IOS versions Coming Soon